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Welcome To Uhrichsville Carbide.com

At U.C.I., we have built our business on 30 years of pride and quality. We have made a commitment to our customers to maintain top quality, product reliability and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Over the years we have purchased only the finest machinery in order to produce products of the finest quality. Our knowledgeable employees are trained to then operate this equipment to its full potential. The result is the best cutting tools on the market today.

We carry a full line of woodworking tools from the top manufacturers in the industry such as W.K.W., Tigra USA, Royce Ayr, FS Tool and many more. We also custom make specialty tooling with our advanced CAD system.

Doing business with U.C.I. is easy. We make your involvement as simple as possible. We are capable of copying your design from a drawing, existing tool or a wood sample. Once approval of your product is given, we then begin the manufacturing of your tool. Our highly trained engineers follow your tooling job from start to finish. As always, quality and your satisfaction is their main concern.

We stand with pride and honor behind all of the products we carry and manufacture. We can service all the tooling that we make, plus a majority of the tooling that we sell.

Our full line of services includes:

  • Custom Tooling
  • Sharpening
  • Re-tipping
  • Reconditioning

Our fully staffed sales department guides you with your tooling requirements. To order, or obtain more information, you can call, fax, or e-mail us at info@uhrichsvillecarbide.com and we will discuss how you will get the quality tooling that you are looking for. Our sales consultants in the field can visit your business location and even pick up your job. To see if you are within our delivery area, call or e-mail us. We can also ship via UPS at any time.

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410 North Water Str.

Uhrichsville Ohio, 44683

Ph: (800)225-8362

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